Buzzing into the foreground in a bout of static, “Dreams” slowly unravels from the core, bold and bassy beats following in its wake. You can hear elements of her early love of all things jazz, soul and Motown in an understated weave between the more obvious elements of contemporary R&B and trap with a 90s trip-hop edge. RHEA’s ethereal vocal underpins the track, holding what should be wholly clashing elements into place with her often-unidentifiable murmurs. “I know where you hide,” she states brazenly, her voice wading through the smoky concoction.

What kind of dream is this? It could easily be a nightmare with the officious sounds that RHEA utilises here, though luckily that is not the case, as despite its eerie aura the writer’s sentiment is sweet. "It came from a really special place and is written about someone [that] I never want to forget,” comments RHEA. “The kinda person that visits you in dreams."

“Dreams” is available now.