In the continuous and ever-changing challenge the world finds ourselves facing, we all need some of the wide eyed fantasy described in this pulsating narrative of the beguiling and beautiful “Dreamer”, the newest single from Red Moon.

Plucked from her debut EP PHASE I:XI, the singer’s echoed tones and haunting vocal envelopes completely and transports all who hear it to the chilling climes of her Norwegian hometown. Following closely in the gentle footsteps of her Scandinavian peers such as Frokedal and Susanne Sundfor, Red Moon - aka. Joanna Deborah Bussinger - melds melody with stunning arrangements, creating chilling drama in this expansive five minute ode to optimism.

Rising, weaving and dropping her voice in expert fashion, Bussinger is an artist in absolute control of her abilities and one hugely in tune with the production and instrumental elements that so effortlessly intertwine here.

“I consider myself a sceptic and highly curious semi-realist and this paradox is explored in the lyric’s examination of the human condition; the constant struggle between despair and hope,” Red Moon states of “Dreamer”. "Now more than ever, when the world can often feel its darkest, we recognise it is a privilege to be able to dream and have hope.

"The love and unconditional emotional support of my mother was a huge inspiration for me when writing this song,” she continues, “ And this is echoed in the feeling of power and freedom I feel when performing it. Needless to say, this song is very close to my heart.”

"Dreamer" is available now, with the new EP PHASE I:XI released 9 October. Follow Red Moon on Instagram.