Inspired by the likes of Cher, Kate Bush and Donna Summer, RALPH is known to deliver catchy, upbeat songs and “Tommy” is no exception. Written about the classic tale of meeting the perfect person for a brief moment before losing them forever, “Tommy” is the Cinderella story of the 21st Century.

“I've always wanted to write a song where the hook was a name - I think it's timeless and witty; just look at Simon and Garfunkel's 'Cecilia' or The Kinks' 'Lola',” explains RALPH of her new single. “I told my producer Derek Hoffman about my idea and he was totally into it, so we played around with names ("Mike, do you like me?" "Antonio, I love you so" etc.) and suddenly the rhyme "Tommy, do you want me?" appeared. It was so perfectly simple and catchy.

“I imagined Tommy as that hot person at the party who you've never seen before, and this aura of mystery and sensuality just wafts around them like a cloud of purple smoke,” she continues. “Maybe they catch eyes with you as they take a sip from their beer, and it takes your breath away because the instant connection is REAL. When they disappear into the crowd and you lose track of them, it's a little heart breaking”.

Decorated with bright, shimmering guitars, “Tommy” has a beat to get listeners moving in the worst of moods - and the music video for the track is no different. An incredibly camp mixture of period drama, teen angst and a Kristen Wiig SNL sketch, the visual sees RALPH find and yearn after her man with gigantic Marie Antoinette up-dos, perfect comedic moments and dancers having such a good time you can’t help but smile.

"Tommy" is available now via Rich Man Records. Follow RALPH on Instagram.