Recorded live with friends earlier this month, Vellturo wrote “it’s the way” following the election of Donald Trump as US president back in November. The singer shared the track to Facebook with the caption “take your broken heart, make it into art”, along with encouragement to fans to “never underestimate power in numbers and passion”.

All proceeds from downloads of “it’s the way” will go to US nonprofit organisation Planned Parenthood, a global provider of reproductive health services. Planned Parenthood has provided access to high-quality care for over a century, in the face of repeated attacks and attempts at defunding, spearheaded by Vice-President Mike Pence. Downloading “it’s the way” allows you to support access to reproductive healthcare in the US, and in doing so to easily carry forwards the inspirational momentum of this weekend’s Women’s Marches around the world.

“it’s the way” is out now and is available to download via iTunes.