Navigating relationships as a young adult has always been a minefield, but add to it the complexities of modern dating, and it becomes an even more convoluted affair. Those complexities are exactly what Piper-Grace is talking about in “Things Lovers Do”.

With her sultry vocals, reflective lyrics, and chic R&B sound, the 22-year-old’s confident debut is a very welcome one. Originally hailing from Devon, she embraces vulnerability and self-assurance in equal measure, while boasting an undeniably cool sonic style.

With tinkling piano sounds, a lulling beat, and her relatable take on 21st-century romance, Piper-Grace’s first single is bound to resonate with anyone who’s ever fallen in love. Singing lines like, “So tell me if you want me / ‘cause I’m ready for you to come and get this loving, baby”, Piper-Grace exudes refreshing confidence. With that confidence, the track’s mesmerising melody and the singer’s ethereal delivery, “Things Lovers Do” becomes a serenade to those learning how to love.

Speaking of the impassioned track, Piper-Grace explains “'Things Lovers Do’ was written about the difficulties of love and highlights the importance of affection. I feel the vibe of the song is a dreamlike fantasy about the confusion of romance, and I would love for people from all relationships and situationships to connect with this."

“Things Lovers Do” is out now. Find Piper-Grace on Instagram and catch her live at Hootananny Brixton on 13 September.