The video, shot by Juno Jensen herself, is a contrast to the smoky ambient jazz of the track. It features shots of Pieces of Juno's blue-haired persona moving restlessly around quiet and empty interiors before being beckoned out into the forests and stone circles of rural Norway.

There's a playful sylph-like nature to Jensen's movements in the clip, the jump cuts markedly expressive compared to the almost absent-minded quality of the music of "Wild Flower", which fades out like a ghost before we can truly understand it. All in all, it's a gorgeous and artful whole.

"I made this video on a whim while I stayed in Freddy Holm's [one of the musicians on both the Kalopsia and Tacenda albums] house in Halden late summer ´177," says Jensen. "The sun woke me up and I thought, 'damn, I need to document this place'. He has a big house with two apartments where he has kept the second floor as a 'band apartment', his studio in the basement, 'my studio' in the attic. Then it was all coincidences from there. Halden is the birthplace of my father, and my grandparents lived there while they were alive. It was also the place I went to high school, and where I met Magnus Nymo (drums on several tracks) and Magnus August Høiberg (who produced my songs before I went solo as Pieces of Juno) - and of course, Freddy. It's a great town, with great people who loves music. My favorite bar in the whole wide world, Siste Reis, is near the train station - and they play CDs. I shot the exteriors in Skjeberg, Hunn Stone circle - in between my hometown Fredrikstad and Halden, and some more exteriors at Sognsvann in Oslo."

"Wild Flower" is taken from Tacenda, out now via KOSO. Pieces of Juno plays Blå, Oslo on Friday along with Insomniac Bears.