"Sugar" is a knot of guitars and drums and vocals and bass that thrives on its textural complexities. Reimold's clearly got a talent for melody, but it's the evocative structures and dynamics that make her offerings fascinating - her loud/quiet balance is stunning, and each moment of "Sugar" is steeped in suspense.

Reimold's sound ducks and weaves between myriad borders, sometimes evoking the guttural intensity of Torres, other times channeling the brittle rock of Sharon Van Etten. "Sugar" is only two-and-a-bit minutes long, but it's an enchanting listen, and makes us very excited for more.

The track features on Reimold's upcoming debut record Wriggling, which is due out 26 January on Sad Cactus. It was engineered and produced by Scott Stizer and Nick Barners of Stolen Studios.

Stream "Sugar" below.

[via Stereogum]