Katie and Ben Marshall continue on their path to pop perfection with their latest release "Human Nature". This is the pair's first release of the year and the first cut from their new EP due this Spring. Offering a little bit more than their dreamy pop, the band add a fiery kick to proceedings with some well utilised vocal samples. Paperwhite also step into territory unknown lyrically as they further refine their sound and style.

“Writing for 'Paperwhite' has always been about trying to discover what we stand for" the band explain. "We’ve always written with broad themes in mind. Our first EP, Magic, focused on galactic and ethereal themes and with Escape we brought it down to earth a little bit and spoke of exploring our world. While writing our third EP, we wanted to dive even deeper." So for EP number three, the duo are looking even closer to home and exploring the human condition through their music.

Talking specifically about the new single, Paperwhite are contemplative "no matter how much we may fight it, we are flawed, we are strong and we are in this together. We are human."

"Human Nature" is out now.