Kristin Myhrvold's vocals are beautifully climatic, bursting into the track's chorus with a flurried passion. They remind the listener of their ghosts, the remnants of those lost in the confinements of our memory.

“The title describes much of the process of recording the tune,” songwriter and drummer Kenneth Enes Kristoffersen explains. “After much searching and testing we finally found a feel and form we were satisfied with.

“The lyrics can on the surface seem to be just another love song. In a way it is, but it depends on how you look at the word 'love'. At the same time 'you' in the song is undefined. This gives the subject many different faces. It can be the past you, a former lover, the memory of a person etc.”

Intricate drum patterns and gentle guitar melodies seep between the cracks, filling every groove with a bittersweet nostalgia.

“Searching” is out now through Diamond Club. Find Paper Dog on Facebook.