"Devotion" is the first single to be taken from the Rolling Days album, and it's a chiming, echoing daydream of a song.

Channeling "Boys of Summer" in a downbeat intro, "Devotion" takes the vintage buzz of analogue synths and transforms it into something which speaks of longing and regret. Yet as the the song develops, led by Angeliki Tsotsoni's urgent voice, metronomic beats and the repetition of the words (I think) "solid chrome" we're pulled away from anything nostalgic or twee. The extended outro sparkles on bright electronics and an insistent pulsing groove that takes as much from the softer end of the '80s as it does from Italo house.

The resulting neon glow somehow feels modern and present; there's a directness in Ocean Hope's sound led by Angeliki's singular tone, a voice which speaks plainly to the pains of the 21st century and that in itself makes this music touching, and relatable.

Recorded at Angeliki’s home in the small seaside town of Nerantza on the Corinthian Gulf, as well as at Serafim’s studio in the metropolitan of Athens, Rolling Days is a special record.

"Devotion" is taken from Rolling Days, out 25 May on Hush Hush Records and is available to pre-order now.