Øivind Hatleskog, with brothers John and Sigbjørn Håland are heading in a more electronic direction on "Cetacean Call", but the spirit of '70s Germany is still present, along with the more colourful psych of the likes of The Flaming Lips.

Inspired by 400 pilot whales stranding themselves on a beach in New Zealand in February of last year, "Cetacean Call" has a certain urgency and insistency in its bass pulses and tick-tock percussion.

When the yearning vocal repeats the line "so float on / float on" it comes across as a plea to keep going - and maybe not just for the whales. There's a wonderfully noisy crescendo to the track, and already Nylenda are marking themselves out as something of a cerebral dance band.

"Cetacean Call" is out via Brilliance, and Nylenda play by:Larm next week.