With their second EP set for release later this month via Heist or Hit, "The Whole World Drifts Away" shows Nature TV have clearly mastered the art of effortlessly straddling - not only the line between old and new without a sense of pastiche, but the line between what is gleaming and woozy and what is listless and languishing.

The sense of wistfulness is explored on the track via frontman Guy Bangham’s sulken vocal, akin to a big ole '80s power ballad that’s brought back to the present day with tender, almost whimsical strings and unfurling drums.

"'The Whole World Drifts Away' is about the spinning feeling of life flying by as you wonder if you’re taking the right paths in life," say the band. "Trying to work out the different avenues ahead and trying to figure out whether the decisions you’re making will lead you to where you want to be. The song is mostly about a girl that Guy was into and it’s about thinking or hoping that there’s more to things than there actually is. Like when you’re reading more into their attention than they’re actually meaning”

The push and pull of tightened threads which is synonymous with Guy’s confessional verisimilitude and racing thoughts is felt through the ebb and flow of hankering guitars and fortified with lyrics such as “He knows he’ll never see it come to be / It’s not meant for me”; that all too familiar sense of resignment most palpable.

"The Whole World Drifts Away" is out now via Heist or Hit. Find Nature TV on Instagram.