The first video from the young Swedish singer/songwriter is as epic, affecting and crafted as the music we've heard from her so far. The stunning film even sees Felicia covered in bees. "[It] deals in a very subtle and metaphorical way with the things we find beautiful as well as scary, like bees, dark water and falling from vertiginous heightsm," adds Eriksson. "I had been thinking of this idea of incorporating bees for some time and the song felt just right for it, as it also comments on life itself, as I interpret it."

Stockholmn based Felicia has been holed up in the studio working on tracks for her debut EP with the like of Johannes Berglund (The Knife, I Break Horses) and producer Andreas Grube. With a collaborate mindset, Felicia found a receptive soul in director Eriksson, who has previously worked with the likes of Lorentz, Andreas Moe and Timbuktu. "Jonas brought life to my abstract ideas and understood the cinematic feel I wanted to capture," Felicia tells us. "We had a great dialogue throughout the whole process. I wanted to focus on lifting images that bring forth the intricate and sometimes hidden moments in life when we have to face ourselves; whether they be hard or beautiful...I tend to find they're often a bit of both. I believe this is when we get closer to our true selves; uncovered."

Eriksson in turn found balance and reward in their working relationship: "Natali is so brave, artistically, but also in simple terms of getting on board all the dangerous stuff we were doing," he says, "and from a directors standpoint, it was so have someone saying yes to these pretty idiotic ideas"

"The images came out beautiful though the conditions were a bit gnarly as I'm allergic to bees myself and didn't bring my injector [laughs]! And there was always the risk of them becoming aggressive and turn against Natali, which would have been an ugly situation."

Easy Ride is taken from Natali Felicia's upcoming debut EP on Polydor Sweden