MUNNYCAT have just revealed their stunning new single “Check It”, driven by fierce breakbeats and blending together meticulously arranged instrumentation and the saccharine vocals of K808. While immediately injecting a rise of endorphins, the track's feelgood energy is juxtaposed by a deeper sentiment. "Giving your attention and affection to some people is like a drug - but some of them can't handle their shit. This song is all about self-preservation against energy vampires but also - it's a reminder that if you're bringing good energy you'll always get more of it back.”

The group’s name is relatively unknown, but MUNNYCAT boast a slew of commercial syncs under their belt. The pair also enforce a strong DIY ethic with not only their completely self-produced music, but also by shooting and editing their accompanying videos. “Check It” is a swirling and intricate pop production that displays MUNNYCAT’s ability to inhabit songs and breathe life into them.

“Check It” is out now. Find MUNNYCAT on Facebook.