Having gained years of experience with his former band HAUS, MULIMBA has stepped out into the crisp sunshine on his own, ready to take on the world with his soulful and powerful vocal delivery.

Produced by former HAUS bandmate HYLTON, MULIMBA's debut single "DAMN" is an evocative offering. It commences with a booming beat and a short burst of distorted, incomprehensible vocals that lead the track into curious territory.

A guitar plucks consistently in the background as MULIMBA delivers his first lines in a calm manner. He reflects on his previous experiences that have left him "licking my wounds".

As the track builds towards its first chorus, MULIMBA's vocals shift through pitches unpredictably, highlighting his raw energy. He backs his own statements with layered falsetto vocals, as they angelically repeat his "I'm a survivor" line before channeling more urgency through dishing out high-pitched, fast-paced statements, "Should've, could've, would've / But I didn't and I know it / And you think I didn't want it / Didn't love you didn't show it."

The anthemic chorus drops without any warning, plunging the listener into MULIMBA's powerful vocals as he yells emotionally, "Damn / I'll never forget you baby". The piano melody crashes at high speed with the punchy beat, leaving MULIMBA in limbo as he spirals through past memories while mainting a strong stance as he looks towards his new direction.

Speaking about his debut solo track, MULIMBA says, "To me "DAMN" is a reflection on all past times. Good ones and bad ones, it can be a reflection of a relationship, an old childhood memory or friendship, your first day at school, the first gig you went to etc, anything. The point is no matter how bad or how good the past time, you should always remember it because it's the one of many that have shaped you into who are you are today."

"DAMN" is a strong and soulful first single from MULIMBA - whether the soul is found in the gospel-like backing vocals, or the culmination of brass instruments and piano in the almighty chorus - it undoubtedly presents MULIMBA as an artist with enough heat to start a wildfire.

MULIMBA's debut single "DAMN" is out now.