Both tracks see Moelogo forging on with his unique brand of pop, deeply influenced by the Afrobeat styling of his birthplace, Nigeria. Alongside Animashaun’s mellow vocal “Sometimes I Pray” also features the talents of London-via-Tanzania’s Tiggs da Author.

“Shine Your Light” is a delicate, uplifting slice of acoustic-led pop, with atmospheric dustings of backing vocals and electric guitar. Animashaun’s choral influences shine through in his lyrical, multi-layered delivery, slowly fading out to gently eddying guitars.

“Sometimes I Pray” works with more traditional pop stylings, accented by Tiggs da Author’s melodic rap style. Of the two, it’s the one with the catchier chorus and non-specific, inspirational lyrics that can be comfortably applied to any challenges you might be facing right now.

“‘Sometimes I Pray’ is about something that I’m sure a lot of us can relate to on a daily basis,” Animashaun explains of the track. “Most of the time we don’t give ourselves or our time to our faith or even our own strong beliefs but we’re still blessed every day. For me, as a British-Nigerian Muslim man, I feel that good things happen to me regardless of whether or not I pray but I try not to forget and I like to remind myself to keep the faith.”

“Shine Your Light” and “Sometimes I Pray” are out now.