Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust, aka Misty Coast, have revitalised their dream-pop, shoegaze sound with more fuzz to create an energetic, psychedelic offering.

Commencing at a galloping pace, "In A Million Years" is propelled forward with punchy percussion that guides the fuzzy guitar melody as it whips through scaling riffs with relentless force, backed by bright poppy synths that elevate the psychedelic tones of the track.

Frøkedal's dreamy vocals are laden with reverb, bringing the fuzz-fuelled melodies back to Earth as she journeys through the jagged instrumentation, adding a playful and youthful tone to the hazy track.

The track is set to appear on the duo's upcoming album When I Fall From The Sky, which they recorded with drummer Kim Åge Furuhaug.

Frøkedal says of their latest outing, "The song represents a recurring theme on the album, and it lingers in thoughts about whether we should choose to ignore the reality outside of what we experience as our world - or if we should dare to seek a larger, perhaps unpleasant truth."

Misty Coast's "In A Million Years" single is out now on Fysisk Format. Follow Misty Coast on Instagram.