In a way Miles Francis is like a one-man band of the internet age - his debut single "You're A Star" is not only based upon his personal experiences but it's also a wholly solo effort. The multi-instrumentalist did wrote, produced, and performed the entire thing.

"When I was 19 I was lucky enough to follow my dream and go on the road with different bands, playing for big crowds," Francis explains. "I thought success would fulfill me, and it did somewhat... attention feels good." However, Francis found that he was at this most content when he was making music for himself, explaining following long bouts of touring that "I would return home to immediately record my own songs in my basement, alone and cut off from the mindset of success."

The track's unusual distorted whisper-like backing vocals paired with the revivalist synth sounds throughout really make "You're A Star" stand out. The video concept is semi-autobiographical, depicting Francis' current journey - it "shows a man diving head-on into that hunger for validation," something that Francis is beginning to do by stepping out from behind the drum kit.

"You're A Star" is out now.