Having re-introduced herself on the charming "Love Song Idea", which was thankfully saved from a broken hard drive, Melis has began paving the way for her upcoming debut EP Parallels which is due for release later in the year.

Having started as a rough voice demo, New single "Flower" remains sparse with a focus on the vocalisation and quick lyricisms. Added electronic flourishes builds on the initial melodic idea, creating a track that is fully formed and maturely developed.

"[It's] the track from the EP that really holds a special place for me", she explains. "I wrote it during 2016 which seemed to be a bit of a rough patch for me. The sentiment of the song is that going through sadness and being in a dark place isn’t forever. There is hope and better things, if only one doesn’t give up. This song is the encouragement for that."

Dedicated to her father the track documents their relationship, a series of let-downs and conclusive break-ups with a candid honesty draped in floral metaphor. Ultimately, "Flower" manages to be mesmerising and heartfelt despite the heavy subject matter.

"Flower" is out now.