The duo made up of Peter Darlington and James Green, previously of Spring King, beautifully tap into each other’s akin histories and the rich earthly surroundings that shaped them to conjure up a complete, elemental sound and a piece that provides the illusion it’s being recited by one artist.

“We both feel a sort of kinship in the lives we lived as children and teenagers in rural landscapes in the north of England,” say Meadow Meadow. “We were both able to escape into nature and the romanticism of the natural world was such a privilege for us both.”

This second time around, Meadow Meadow get to really showcase their musical battery and powerful duality by sharing the lead vocal on “Fireworks”. The intoxicating combination of the two balancing tones is fittingly compounded by momentous, jubilant chords that pack the track with vigour.

“The songs often overlap with different memories and recollections from our separate lives,” they say. “In a way we're creating a third version of events, as if experienced by someone else. I think it's helped us both come to terms with how much our lives have changed, shining a light onto relationships and friendships that have drifted into the fog of the past. It's been cathartic.”

"Fireworks" is out now and the self-titled EP is out 19 August via Practise Music, available to pre-order on cassette now.