Following on from the likes of debut "Higher", his latest track "Heard" is a heartbreaking piano ballad held together by Maximillian's arresting vocal.

Over droplets of synth and piano, the atmospheric track is shot through with sadness: "Heard you worked it out with him / I guess now you're better off" go the opening lines, sung in a beautifully soulful croon by the Dane. Transforming from a slightly broken higher register into a skyscraping vocal in the chorus, Maximillian's voice is something else. "Heard" is simply spectacular.

"’Heard’ is about feelings," says the singer. "It’s inspired by people and what happens around me. Like most of my songs it’s very personal but I prefer not to talk too much about the meaning of my songs. Listen to the words and make them your own – that’s what I like to do when I listen to music."

"Heard" is out tomorrow via Copenhagen Records.