Although the name of upcoming mixtape Autumn/Winter Collection reflects their fashionable, zeitgeist-capturing sound; sun-kissed, radiant dance-pop act Mausi are much closer to summer, seasonally speaking.

Fantastically kitsch and colourful, “Body Language” mixes infectious, stop-start synths with slinky drums before kicking into a chanting chorus that sounds like it could be sung from the terraces at a neon-shirt wearing, leg-warmer sporting football team.

“Body Language” blends sounds and styles from all over Europe – French house synths and Mediterranean coastal vibes bubbling away with the Euro-pop heritage of its Anglo-Italian creators – and even samples a slightly unnerving text-to-speech voiceover highlighting the four signs of sexual attraction. But as the song instructs, ‘Don’t use words, just let your body talk.’ It’s time to chuck some mean polygons around on the dance-floor.