Listening to “Probably Sorry” is akin to sitting indoors on a summer’s day and feeling the sunlight splinter through the window. It basks in its simplicity, where the joy is found in the raw, soulful presence of Mathilda Homer’s hazy vocals that burrows deep into your consciousness and warms you from your core.

There’s a magic that laces through every word that comes out of Homer’s mouth and an almost brutal honesty in her lyricism, as she admits “And I’m sorry if I play games with your mind / I know I’m chatting shit most of the time.” It’s a song where Homer deftly explores the deepest insecurities that come with being in a relationship, as she explains "'Probably Sorry' is about questioning whether you’re a positive presence in your partner’s life. It’s literally every insecurity you feel at the start of a relationship, written on paper instead of confronting them directly.”

The song is paired with a stunning video directed by Tom Chetwode-Barton and comes in the lead up to a headline show at Electrowerkz on the 13 March and a stellar new EP that's set to drop on the 1 March. Have no doubt, it's going to be a big year for this rising talent.

"Probably Sorry" is out now and available to listen to on Spotify.