“Is it easier to assimilate?” asks margot amidst a sea of convulsing, beautiful bodies of all shapes, sizes, colours and genders, celebrating a vast spectrum of beauty untouched by the mainstream.

Blending jubilant jazzy woodwind instrumentation and slick guitar runs, “Strip It” encourages body positivity regardless of any conventions of what society deems “attractive”. Its accompanying video directed by Lucrezia Pollice is a splendid montage of the human form.

“'Strip It' is a super personal project for me on many levels,” says margot mool. “The song logs my meditations on learning to love my body hair and questioning why so many people are so disgusted by it.”

“I saw ‘Strip It’ as a chance to create a representation of beauty and solidarity that contradicts the one we are ordinarily fed by the media”.

“Strip It” is out now, and the visuals will appear at Strip It exhibition which focuses on non-binary and queer artists on 18 January, venue TBA. Find margot on Instagram.