"Falling In Between Days" sees Margot continue their shrewd exploration of modern human existence with their primo blend of fuzzy guitars and cauterizing, candid delivery. They're never ones to shy away from the messy, knotty stuff - their previous track "Walk With Me" centered around depression, empathy and the power of talking. "Falling In Between Days" follows with a look at fear, deprivation and the ambiguity that came with all that transpired this year.

“It’s about a mate, it’s certainly a tragedy," says Margot's vocalist Alex Hannaway. "He’s had a hardship of sorts. He’s got a life to look forward to, for sure, and so do all of us, but things external, out of his control, took over.

"He had started to rebuild, to see beyond the internal damp colours, he had a lie back. And after losing the comfort of the person he loved, and after coming to terms with all of the pain and the rubble, all the regret, he had a pandemic. Lost job, no soulmate and back living with his family at 27.

“He dreamed of an ideal life, he dreamt that he could change his circumstances, he fought against a raging brute that cared little for his dreams, for his determination. He just had to sit and wait, sit and wait and be still with his ambitions. It’s about fear, loss, uncertainty, pain, hope and then the recoiling turgid desire for familiarity.”

Leaning towards a more brooding, finely-spun sound previously, "Falling In Between Days" sees Margot intensify their sound: it’s accelerated and more flammable. Keys and drums take more precedence in a propulsive, demanding manner, and coupled with Hannaway’s deliberate and intent vocal, it mirrors the frustration of the protagonist consummately.

The track’s abrupt culmination fixates on there being no clear resolve to his plight but to carry on, and that the sense of limbo continues; a feeling that will ring true with many right now.

"Falling In Between Days" is out today via Full Time Hobby, and the limited 7" with their previous single "Walk With Me" will release on 19 February. Find Margot on Instagram.