As with their previous offering, companion piece “Coffee Stained Scars”, Margot's new track “Arles” is a character-led exploration into mental health issues, and more specifically as vocalist Alex Hannaway points out, “the juxtaposition of receiving devastating news in a beautiful place.”

Unfurling and listless riffs effortlessly drift in and out of heaving reverb and fine-spun verses, unexpectedly diverting to a bracing cinematic guitar solo.

“Arles” sees a dialling-down of the silken and hazy, and more exploration of the subdued and insular – a sound which partners Hannaway’s use of characters to convey what is intimate perfectly. Another beautifully crafted and considered track that mirrors the complexities of the human condition most satisfyingly.

“Arles” is out now. Find Margot on Facebook.