Having only dropped her debut collection last year, LVRA has proven she has zero intention of dillydallying in the wake of her LVCID EP. With a pair of singles already released in 2021, her latest outing “NIGHTMARE” preempts her sophomore compilation and earmarks her as an artist not afraid to push the limits of their established sound.

Whilst recent single “Dead” is a slick slice of experimental pop - complete with throbbing bass notes and clattering beats - and “GETS ME GOING” is its more outgoing yet equally gothic twin, “NIGHTMARE” shows the Scottish-Chinese talent has uncovered a newfound confidence in executing her vision. Wriggling synths capture an eerie and mischievous air, whilst a relentless barrage of bass packs an ominous punch. Fittingly, the track has LVRA - real name Rachel Lu - channelling the anxiety and dread of insomnia with a laser precision through a futuristic pop lens.

“I can’t remember a time where I didn’t have a fucked up sleep schedule,” explains LVRA of the inspiration behind the track. “I was a really nerdy kid who played loads of video games late at night when my parents were asleep. I remember those early hours as being a time where I felt the most free of expectation but in hindsight it was an easy escape from my reality.

“Even as an adult, my anxiety keeps me up regularly,” she continues. “For people with insomnia it’s those waking hours which are the real nightmare, from the existential crises in the early hours of the morning to the guilt you carry the next day. Sometimes I wake up feeling like that lost kid, and other days I can accept it and get on with the shit I need to do”.

"Nightmare" is avaialble now. Follow LVRA on Instagram.