Following “The Gutter of Our Ecstasy”, his first foray into music earlier this year, Luminous Kid offers up the results of Arctic solitude in this illusory tale of metastasis. As with his debut, there’s a wholly immersive feel to his new track. From the primal sound of the choir harmonies to the lapping sounds of the sea at the conclusion; the imagery is vivid and the emotions mesmeric.

Written under the spellbinding aurora borealis in Norway, "A Restless Heart Would Rather Float in Space" still sees Grind in a place of onerous emotion: this time percolating the arduous passage into adulthood. But, coupled with the tormenting is the charming and timely reminder that we are bolstered in the good and the bad times by those that we hold dear. It's that sentiment which advances the pacifying and almost prayerful leanings of the track.

"As a kid you see the world in some kind of ecstatic bright light with long summers, endless playing, experimenting and discovering the new world that you're surrounded by and are supposed to merge into," says Grind. "Growing older you will inevitably hit some rough patches along the way, I definitely struggled deeply with my self image, my identity, loneliness etc. Then you embark into the world as a young adult and for me life suddenly seemed filled with endless possibilities again. You had the whole world in front of your feet and if you dared you could do anything you wanted.

“But self-fulfillment will only take you so far, and at the same time the world we live in will keep falling apart, and all of a sudden you start to question the reasons for our existence," he continues. "The track speaks about finding solace in the people you love and about keeping on fighting through our endeavours to find what we believe in and how we want to live. It's a reminder to myself of how even in the darkest moments I can always rest my heavy shoulders on my loved ones, and the same goes the other way around”.

“Whispered my name / as you shouldered my pain,” he sings, guided by harmonica and subtle fine-spun fingerpicking; with heartfelt ardour bleeding through. The accompanying video, directed and edited by Grind himself, was shot underwater, further adding to the enveloping feel of reflection and general hopefulness that the track brings.

"The whole idea behind the production and the feeling I wanted to evoke was sprung from my weeks in Norway where the track was written," he says, "the perception of endlessness, nothingness, a big vacuum of time and space where one could just exist freely and camly without the pressure of the outside world constantly banging on your doorstep."

"A Restless Heart Would Rather Float in Space" is out now. Find Luminous Kid on Instagram.