Birthmark builds on that track's momentum, packing plenty of harmony and hooks into the EP's seven tracks. With members also in Strange Hellos (singer Birgitta Alida Hole) and Pom Poko (guitarist Martin Miguel Tonne and recent addition bassist Jonas Krøvel) this is something of a supergroup with the emphasis on SUPER.

From the scratchy and agitated guitars of the title track, through the dreamy, psychedelic synths of "Rainbow Hologram" to the closing ballad "Abuelo", Birthmark is Lumikide's first definitive statement - and it's great. You can stream the full EP below.

Lumikide took the time to reveal the background of the recording to Best Fit: "The seven tracks that makes our second EP were recorded in Øra Studio in Trondheim during the spring and fall 2016. Its been a years long process of composing, recording and mixing, and now we're finally here. It feels pretty damned good!

We've worked with different producers, in different studios, and the product has been through a massive work out. In late 2016 we started to work with Matias Tellez, and things started to set, streching towards a happy ending. Tellez has been working with a wide spectrum of artists with highlights such as Sondre Lerche, Chain Wallet and Misty Coast amongst many others. It was an immediate match with our dreamy jazz-pop.

Textually, our music moves between the universal and the specific, and plays a lot with the space between these two. Personal intrigues, love, politics and environmental activism can be a main clues in Lumikide's written univers. Our lyrics can be interpreted on different levels, and shall be appealing both to the single person, and to the society as a unit. It’s important for us to leave certain room in our lyrics for the listener to work with. Its very much intentional. Also we like to operate in the meet between the near and the vague, exploring how lyrics can take on several moods and topics at the same time.

From us to you, we hope you like it."

Birthmark is available from tomorrow.