"Going Home Broke is my greatest and most honest expression so far as an artist" Mason explains. "Each song tells a real story for this moment in my life and I don’t think I could’ve found the way to say it until I let it all go. The thought behind it is something I know everyone can relate to. It’s about giving it all that you have, and if you have to give up, then you’ll be giving it everything you’ve got before you do. It may leave you financially broke, emotionally broken or even physically exhausted from how hard you tried, but at least we won’t regret that we tried. I wouldn’t trade the last five years for anything. This EP is the outcome of a whole new level of creativity that I could’ve only found in my breaking, and regardless of its success, I am so proud of it.”

"Hunger" is the first taste of the five-track collection, ushering in a new era for the Australian-born artist. It's flecked with honeyed riffs and nuanced '80s pop touches, with gorgeous, vintage keys underpinning every move Mason makes - and she makes many, commanding the flow of the track with a faultless voice. It's a sumptuous assembly of instruments for sure, but it's Mason's vocal work that raises the bar, with every syllable imbued with strength and each refrain oozing emotion.

"'Hunger' was the last song written in the five from the EP and the last to find its place to complete the story of Going Home Broke," Mason tells us. "It's about wanting something so badly and not knowing in the beginning what it would cost in the end, about wishing you knew how to let it go and make it easier for yourself."

Ed Tullett produces the gloriously sleek cut - other producers on the EP include Jess Ellen, Nik Karlin, and Andy Mak.

Mason's Going Home Broke EP is out 31 March. "Hunger" is released 27 January.