"Solace" opens with a ruptured moan that works its way up from the embers of a fire, rising distinctly like a phoenix from the ashes of its own pain. Throughout the reverberating noises and distinctly disorientating sounds that weave in perpetual motion, there is a definite message of hope that rises through Lotic's astonishing delivery; always building, constantly growing, where upon turning back is not an option.

Speaking on the track, Lotic explains what the track means to them, saying "'Solace' is my reminder to myself that no matter how hard things get, trouble don't last always! Hang in there, it's gon' be ok! It's my self-reminder that I actually am a fearlesss bitch, and that experiencing pain or harship is not a weakness but a moment for growth, for strength."

It further marks the Berlin artist out as a fascinating talent who is able to create art that feels distinctly new, and despite its heavy experimentation, there is always a point that welcomes you in.

Power is due to be released 13 July via Tri-Angle.