Genre-bending artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist LOELASH took the long road to music and now, he’s honed his environment. Born into a musical family, his parents taught at the local music conservatory in Brescia, Italy, and inspired LOELASH to play instruments of his own from the age of nine.

Fuelled by intrigue, he learnt both the saxophone and piano while leaning into his early fasciation classical music and jazz. Upon starting high school, LOELASH’s taste became increasingly left field and he was enlightened by electronic and hip-hop artists – with similar beats informing his sound today.

Citing influences such as Chopin, KAYTRANADA, and Pat Metheny, LOELASH deftly blends elements of R&B, jazz, and house into his effervescent productions. “All To Me” is no exception and sees him link with singer-songwriter Taite Imogen to further his genre fluidity.

Over airy beats and glistening chimes, Taite’s sultry vocal recalls a sound made popular by the likes of Mariah Carey. Bridging the gap between pop, hip-hop, and R&B, together the pair culminates the best elements of such genres – honeyed ad-libs, beat-driven melodies, and hazy production – to become interdimensional yet smooth.

LOELASH arrives on the track with subtlety. While “All To Me” is fundamentally his own and he is ever-present within the soulful undertones, LOELASH allows Taite to guide the listener through his nostalgia-driven sonics.

Speaking on the track, LOELASH shares, “’All To Me’ is a tender message for attention, to the person you have feelings for.”

"It was actually made during the first session I ever had with super talented Taite Imogen and is alternative R&B at its finest. The track smoothly blends together Taite's dynamic vocals with my early-00s inspired beat and also contains elements of jazz, electronic, and ambient music."

“All To Me” is out now, with the debut project Fantasia set for release on 12 November. Find LOELASH and Taite Imogen on Instagram.