Brooding and playful, Lizzie Reid’s new cut "Been Thinking About You" bears all the hallmarks of the intimate songwriting style so synonymous with the Glasgow native, but in a display of her technical ability, Reid diverts from her quietly plucked chords to bring forth a gut-wrenching climax full of raucous guitars and thunderous drums.

The latest sample of Reid’s forthcoming debut EP Cubicle, this new cut was written off the back of a disorienting time for the singer-songwriter. The EP was recorded in March of 2020, with all its parts laid down mere days before the first UK lockdown was announced, however Reid’s subject matter concerned a time some months before, as she processed the ending of her first same-sex relationship. In doing so, she was able to create a body of work that resonates with her more than anything else that came before, despite the global disarray.

Lyrically, Reid details her detachment from her own sense of self through her inability to understand others’ love for her. “Take all my money it’s better off in your hands / If you try to love me I’ll do my best to understand,” she admits in resigned fashion, offering a tongue-in-cheek approach to what appears to be an insurmountable feeling of listlessness.

“This is almost an appreciation song for a friend of mine,” she admits, “He was such a support for me at a time I wasn’t feeling my best. I was going through quite a confusing time and felt guilty that I couldn’t support him in the same way he supported me.”

“It is really important to me that I got to make something with people I care about and that we created something amazing and genuine”.

"Been Thinking About You" is available now via Seven Four Seven Six, with the debut EP Cubicle set for release 10 Februrary. Follow Lizzie Reid on Instagram.