"So Sweet", was the singer/songwriter's rapidfire turn into beat-centric dance, and "Skin" sees the dubsteppy bass slithers take control. It's a gargantuan piece of voyeuristic pop, unsettling and heartbreaking in equal measure, with a chorus to shake foundations.

Speaking about the cut, La Grange says: "It's that trapped feeling you get when your brain is stuck on a visual loop and all you can see is the thing that you know you shouldn't be thinking about because it does you no good, but the more you tell yourself not to think about it, the more you do. I wanted to it to feel very close and intimate and sexy and claustrophobic, like you're resisting what you see but at the same time a little twisted part of you is really enjoying it.”

La Grange is set to play London's Oval Space on Thursday.

Listen to "Skin" below.