Nordic dreampop ice queen Ellen A.W. Sundes (AKA Sea Change) is an unlikely purveyor of DIY electronica. Breakage - which is scheduled for release on 23 February - was recorded entirely in her bedroom in Oslo, but her penchant for big 80’s beats and layered harmonies is hardly lo-fi. 

“We Run” starts stark and delicate, with Sundes’ voice almost at a whisper as delicate synth arpeggios drift around her. With the introduction of a pulsating beat around the two-minute mark, the track acquires a new sense of urgency. It is then entirely driven by the palpable desire for escape.

"'We Run' is about everything we are aiming for in our lives and how choking those things can be. And the freedom we would have if we were able to run away from all those hopes and expectations and just be”, Sundes said.

You can catch Sea Change in London at Sebright Arms on 27 February. Check out “We Run” below.