Tales of a choirboy coming of age, singer/producer and jazz pianist Jamie Isaac debuts the second single off his forthcoming 12” vinyl release for House Anxiety Records.

Whisps of James Blake sentiment, half erased, ripple through your veins until every hair on your arms stands straight up. Relaxing once again, lush reverb melts pronounced piano chords and apprehensive words into a crystalline memory, no matter how blurred the edges may be.

Like a young seedling, just beginning to peek out of it’s earthly recluse, ‘Softly Draining Seas’ continues to bloom with every listen, revealing a subtle beauty destined for greatness. The ability to expose such mature heartbreak at such a tender age is a testament to Jamie Isaac’s brilliance as a musician. We can’t wait to hear more from Croydon’s young talent.

Jamie Isaac’s I Will Be Cold Soon EP is out on 12-inch vinyl and digitally 24th June.