Psych-rockers Hookworms continue their unstoppable rise with latest non-album offering, “Radio Tokyo”.

Despite the attention deflecting anti-hero stance of Leeds quintet Hookworms, who prefer to be known by initials only, the critical acclaim garnered by their debut Pearl Mystic felt (quite rightly) pretty unanimous. To force a generalization, Hookworms songs generally seem to fall into two vague categories; where either the ecstatic whirl of their psychedelic noise comes condensed into tighter containment, or spills out enthrallingly into one of their lengthier, hypnotic sonic rituals. Not that it matters when the band seem so effortlessly awe-striking at whatever they turn they hand to.

Latest non-album single, “Radio Tokyo”, falls into the former category, and is a more emphatic, pacier spin on the soaring feel of their debut, layered with driving drums, call and response vocals and whirring organ. It’s a purer distillation of the exciting Hookworms essence, and though it might reach its howling climax quicker than always, it’s still a personal best in every sense.

“Radio Tokyo” is released on 7” on the Too Pure Singles Club, 27 May.