Inspired by their country's consistently fresh take on electronic and pop music from artists such as The Knife and The Teddybears, LINES are merging jubilant pop melodies with sugary synths and marrying them perfectly. Their latest release is "People" which follows a string of experimental takes on traditional songwriting and production forumlas resulting in the effervescent "Lockdown" and last year's debut single "Weekends".

"People" is a little different as Erik from the band explains "[it] is out anthem. It’s a song about who we are and a celebration of the people around us, our friends. The song has a bit of a dual backstory though. I grew up listening to a lot of hip hop and on every album there was at least one track where they’d rap exclusively about themselves. I just really love that concept and that’s basically what we wanted to do with "People", go loud, go big or go home."

The other side to the story is a message of love and support. Erik adds "at the time when we wrote the track a friend of ours got beaten down severely because of his sexuality. We wanted to wrap all of our self-loving bullshit into a giant hug that had room for all our friends as well."

Blending hip hop sensibilities into their already slick electro-pop invigorates and re-energises the band's sound. "People" embraces difference with its pick me up message. It's no longer locked in a vault being the silently supportive friend, it's been unleashed and is ready to be played loud wherever you are.

"People" is out 12 October via 300 Entertainment.