Amongst the influx of sombre, angst-fuelled tracks of the past year against the background of the pandemic, LEISURE provide a more positive escape.

With two full-length albums already under their belt (2016's LEISURE and 2019's Twister), the collective have marked a new era with the release of their Side A EP in 2020. Now, releasing their third single of 2021, their latest tracks are set to feature on the upcoming Side B.

Coming together with a striking sense of cohesion and style to create a relaxed vibe, “Flipside” culminates chilled vocals and funk-infused melodies. From synth breakdowns to smooth toe-tapping rhythms, the track channels a laidback energy that pays homage to the mistakes of the past while looking ahead to new opportunities.

“‘Flipside' is about waving goodbye to an old world and seeking new beginnings, with relationships built on confidence and trust,” shares LEISURE of the lush-pop to pull us out of a funk. “It’s an affirmation that the grass is indeed greener on the other side and being one hundred percent certain of that freedom and momentum to just ‘Get on with it’.”

“Flipside” is out now via Nettwerk, with the new EP, Side B, set for release on 1 October. Find LEISURE on Instagram.