It’s all a bit dreary and cold right now; the darkness is drawing in earlier with every passing day and the temperature just keeps on dropping. Long gone are the endless and warm sunny days, but fortunately, Lauren Faith has got just the antidote to keep us going through the long winter months that lie ahead.

Lauren Faith has spent the last few years cutting her teeth as a songwriter and producer, working away with the likes of Kamaal Williams, Naomi Banks and Sam Wills. On her last EP, Cosmic, she proved that she was more than capable of stepping into the limelight as a solo artist and immediately got people’s attention with her catchy hooks and irresistible pop melodies.

After previously teaming up with Kaytranada, Faith showed that she had more than enough tunes up her sleeve to make it on her own and now she returns once again with more groove-driven pop that is bound to make listeners want to move.

Faith’s latest effort “Feels” is a bedazzling gem of funked-up basslines and seductive hooks that will have you yearning for a sunny getaway. It sees Faith get deep into her feels and deep dive into the heady euphoria of new love whilst getting lost in the lusty brilliance of it all.

She further explains how the song is about taking pleasure in the small things and finding beauty and hope in simplicity, as she says: “’Feels’ is about the pure joy of being in love and abandoning yourself to the feeling. The sun is shining, nature is beautiful and whatever life throws at you, nothing is going to screw it up. I feel like right now a song like this, that reminds us that good times still exist, is what we need!”

Whilst a tropical adventure may well currently off the cards for the foreseeable future, Faith’s warm melodies will help to transport you to a disco-flecked paradise and perfectly soundtrack your summery daydreams. Most important, she reminds us that good times will come again.

"Feels" is available now via Space Odyssey Records. Follow Lauren Faith on Instagram.