The track encapsulates Laurel's inner workings, highlighting her full-bodied and husky vocals within minimal hook-based electronic production. It's a successful formula that has worked wonders for her in the past.

Laurel often writes, records, produces and performs alone. It's a process that gives "Life Worth Living" a touching kind of realism. Lack of interference from others allows creative waves to do their bidding.

As such, raw emotions float along subtly lush guitar soundscapes, lyrically collocating wistful innocence with graceful elegance in a song that is very much her own.

Laurel can embody Laura Marling-esque organic emotion as well as deliver the type of infectious pop songs that propel acts to stardom. "Life Worth Living" does just that; it's an intoxicating cocktail of pop nous, bearing the DNA of folk at its finest.

Words: Jake Marley


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