Lake Jons, the Finland duo made up of Jooel Jons and Mikko Pennanen, have returned with their distorted ballad "It's Too Bright".

Led by a wonky piano melody, "It's Too Bright" channels a unique, comforting tone which sees the soft, yet husky vocals of Jons evolve into a harmony-driven chorus that sees the duo console the listener on being enough as you are and embracing individuality.

The pair drift at ease through the plodding piano melody and supple synths as they sing, "It’s too bright to be someone else / I finally understand the meaning lifelong."

After the first chorus, the track dips into a playful piano breakdown, brightening the track's distorted tones before plunging back into the psychedelic-tinted melody.

Speaking about the new single, Jons explains, "It’s a nice thing when you realise life moves on and you move with it. The bassline here is my idea of how time and life move. It jumps here and there but holds no regard to whether one cares or not. I believe we can smoothly move with it only if we are true to ourselves no matter our faults. So as time moves, we can just try doing our best and evolve with it."

He adds, "It’s pretty simple instrumentation but almost everything is pretty spontaneously played and recorded. Like the piano "fill" track: I asked Mikko to play around something nice, maybe the first time he really heard this song but somehow his fingers moved perfectly with the song and no other take was needed."

The Helsinki duo's new single is the fifth single to be shared from Lake Jons' second album The Coast, after "Do You Recall?", "Stupidity", "Circle", and "Tom".

Lake Jons' "It's Too Bright" is out now. The Coast lands 29 November via Playground Music. Find Lake Jons on Instagram.