Comprised of San Franciscan Elissa LeCoque and Brooklyn-based Ryan Casey, the pair hail from opposite sides of America, yet work together to realise a singular vision abounding in analogue synths and layers of gossamer vocals. "Buckets" is a hazy, luxurious creation reminiscent of projects such as Portishead, Goldfrapp, or College in its retro feel, despite drawing heavily on the classical music such as Fauré and Chopin that primarily inspires LeCoque's songwriting.

Passed between LeCoque and Casey, most of Kodacrome's releases begin with piano-based melodies which go through many incarnations before surfacing in their final form; the richly textured synth-pop that's become their trademark. At it's heart, though, "Bucket" retains all the warmth of its original composition as it showcases LeCoque's gorgeous, resonant vocal.

Listen to Kodacrome's new LP Think Of The Children on Bandcamp.