Fluent in Japanese and English, the singer, songwriter and producer is heavily influenced by vaporwave, as well as artists like Grimes and Hayley Kiyoko. On "Cameo" she addresses the bubble we're all living in and the fleeting experiences and relative impermanence of life.

Written more specifically in the context of the internet and the flash in the pan nature of the music industry. Or if you want to get really deep about it then lyrics like "paint me like your other clones, life is just a cameo" could refer to the simulation hypothesis.

A self-assured debut from an exciting talent, KLEOPATRA has put in the groundwork and has the makings of a DIY pop machine. With its subtle, brooding undertones which bubble away beneath the stark lyrics, "Cameo" could have you questioning the meaning of life and more.

"Cameo" is out 18 May.