"He’s an old friend of mine, we met at a party in Sweden," Kid Wave's Lea Emmery explains of the enigmatically-named producer. "As far as I’m concerned he was living in a house in the country somewhere at the time of the remix just doing music and painting, with no wifi....so it’s been a bit tricky in terms of communicating."

The Belgium is in fact one half of melodic electro duo Gros, who have racked up four longplayers over the last decade or so. "He heard a teaser of 'Twenty-Four' and was like, 'let me do this, you can do whatever you want with it but let me have a go'. A few weeks later this landed in my inbox and it was perfect."

A good remix lives or dies by how it translates the core melody of a song and The Belgian's approach to "Twenty-Four" is transformative enough to create something entirely of its own. "It sounds like The Belgium," Emmery adds, "[and] a bit like Twin Peaks meets Kid Wave with an '80s beat. I think the beat in fact is an old '80s sample he found somewhere."

Up next for Kid Wave is an appearance at Abbie McCarthy's Bad Karma Club at London's Sebright Arms tonight and we're promised more music in early Spring with tour dates to follow. The Belgium says he's currently working on a lot of new material also due for a spring release too.