Nope, Daft Punk haven't split up and gone solo - this is a different electronic master.

"First Throws" is a heady, warped piece of euphoric techno-pop that's part-way between the OST for a Blade Runner spinoff and a Street Fighter boss battle. It's undeniably enormous in places, but there's still emotion in spades with bittersweet synths drizzled over the top. Interestingly, this track samples infamous stockbroker Alessio Rastani.

The comparisons to maestros such as Cliff Martinez (Drive) and S U R V I V E (Stranger Things) aren't off base - a press release explains how K V A S I R is "inspired by the way in which music combines with visuals and, in particular, film." 

K V A S I R's debut, self-titled EP is out 4 November via KV10.

Listen to "First Throws" below.