The latest entry in an ever-growing canon of work, “Cups & Balloons” finds Julia Church scoring mellow-hued confessional-lensed alt-pop passion with gracefully delivered undertones, retaining the yearningly evocative strain of her two preceding EPs and a raft of singles.

With growing acclaim and a sell-out headline shows to her name, the South African singer-songwriter’s palpably resonant artistry continues unabated on a track powered by her undulating vocal, unfolding in tiered lockstep with placid piano notes and teasingly intermittent guitar tremors. Undertowing strings further contribute to a pirouetting state of play, one that in part recalls the brooding, soulful sensitivity of London Grammar.

Songwriting, production as well as visual direction all fall under the London-via-Durban artist’s umbrella of talents, a multi-disciplined expertise that lends tailored definition to lyrics homing in on regretful and - at times - life-altering, judgements made amidst moments of personal crisis and catharsis.

“’Cups & Balloons’ is maybe my most special release to date,” shares the creative polymath, highlighting the significance of her latest offering. “Written with EEVA, it’s a more emotional spin on the classic hangover demons of the night before. It’s waking up next to that person who you know isn’t good for you, but you just can’t resist. It’s about the harmful decisions we can make when we’re vulnerable and in a state of healing”.

"Cups & Balloons" and the EP of the same name are both available now. Follow Julia Church via Instagram.