Jonathan Personne's band are a formidable fixture in Montréal’s indie rock scene, having already achieved wide acclaim and a Polaris Music Prize nomination for Corridor's 2019 album Junior. But Robert used his time on tour to write and subsequently record his sophomore solo album Disparitions. Its first two releases “Springsteen” and now “Terre des Hommes” are atmospheric, sweeping singles that conjure the gigantic psych-laden landscapes that are forming Personne’s signature sound.

He calls it “spaghetti western rock”, but “Terre des Hommes” feels just as much of an ode to '80s jangle-pop too. The infectious, choppy guitar riff is very much in the vein of Johnny Marr, while the constant call and response leads to gorgeous guitar conversations.

The eclectic blend of cinematic soundtrack, jangle-pop and post-punk has the air of a musician drawing from a smorgasbord of influences, yet making it sound like relaxed riffing. It’s hard to stay away from the Quebecois Marr comparison, as he too found success with a band and later used his solo platform to delve into the weird and wonderful.

Jonathan Personne is creating beautifully rich musical portraits which place atmosphere above all else. “I’m always inspired by the mood of the music when I write,” he says. “For this song, try to imagine people running towards spaceships to embark, leaving the exploding planet coming to an end behind, haha!”

"Terre Des Hommes" is out now and Disparitions will release 28 August 28 via Michel Records / Citrus City. Find Jonathan Personne on Facebook.