“Cross My Mind” points to the confidence with which Joe Hertz is now making his music, via a glistening combination of influences. The thoughtful lyrics and shimmering vocals of Sophie Faith marry sleekly with the track's bold combination of styles, perfectly reflecting the lack of any permanent musical centre-point in Hertz’s production.

“I wrote ‘Cross my Mind’ with Joe Hertz in the summer,” says Faith, “whilst being deeply infatuated in a whirlwind romance. I felt like I needed to express or address how that affected me, from the way I look at certain things to the lengths I’d go for him. All whilst trying to retain control and to still enjoy the experience, knowing it was only temporary.”

“It was made on my first session with Joe,” Faith continues, “but things just seemed to flow and the song came really quickly and organically. After Joe added his signature quirks and extra instrumentation, it turned out to be one of my absolute favourites.”

The stylistic fluidity of “Cross My Mind” and the inclusion of Faith are not only evidence of an artist growing in confidence, but of a rising tastemaker. 2019 has been the year Joe Hertz sets pace, and with 2020 on the horizon, Hertz is becoming a firm one-to-watch.

“Cross My Mind” is out now. Find Joe Hertz on Instagram and Sophie Faith on Instagram.