Jo Marches' previous releases have focussed on an incredible breadth of subject matters, and forthcoming EP Day In Day Out looks set to follow in this pattern. "Monster" features on this new collection of songs, which is due out in October, and its political themes sit proudly alongside the other tracks' topics of feminism and mental illness.

"When I was seven or eight years old my mother had to come pick me up from school because I had a panic attack about a certain political leader I had seen on the news," Kranendonk explains of "Monsters"' inspiration. "Lately I've been feeling afraid again of evil politicians and their actions and so I wrote 'Monsters'."

Despite its startling subject matter, "Monsters" is a fizzy, almost psychedelic take on the classic indie- or synth-pop sound. Kranendonk's airy vocal complements decisive guitar lines and swathes of retro synths to give an immersive analogue feel. This is echoed by the flickering, vintage atmospher of "Monsters"' accompanying video, made by Eerie Wandas Marina Tadic, who Kranendonk notes is one of three female video artists Jo Marches have worked with on the visuals paired with their forthcoming releases.

Day In Day Out is out 26 October.